Thanks to my beautiful clients who have taken the time to review their experience with me.


Lynda Reed - Jazz Singer

When I look at Gloria’s work, I don’t see pictures or photos, I see art, as each picture has a life of its own and stirs feelings inside.

When I was photographed by Gloria, I didn’t feel like I was being photographed by a photographer, I felt like I was in the presence of an artist and I was just part of her vision. It is truly the first time that I ever felt comfortable and part of something truly creative. Gloria is by far, my favorite “artist” and her work speaks for itself, and boy, does it speak! Thank you Gloria!
- Lynda Reed
Oksana Lanis - Entrepeneur

"I absolutely loved working with Gloria. I am uncomfortable in front of cameras and with her guidance I was able to relax and ease into the photo session, which ended up producing a lot of wonderful images of me. All thanks to Gloria. I highly recommend her for your next photo session."

- Oksana Lanis
Skye Catherine Turner Taten -Photographer

Gloria is a very talented amazing photographer.  I highly recommend her.....She creates very beautiful images. I had such a great time during our shoot together. She is a very fun, nice person, with a very warm personality that is very welcoming and easy to work with. She has very good taste and an amazing eye. She is very professional, honest, and creates very striking beautiful photographs to be treasured for a lifetime. Her photographs touch your heart. She creates very special images.....I can't wait to do another shoot with her again very soon. I highly recommend her, she creates magic!!!!! You will walk away smiling and be floored at how amazing the pictures turn out! I think she is the best photographer of women in the South Bay!!!! Get yourself on her calendar, she is very busy! You will not regret it. I promise, you will be so happy with her work! ~Skye

Andreina Stefania Rossi - Teacher
Gloria is an amazing photographer and person.She takes the time to learn about you and it reflects in her work. I loved every minute of her photo shoot!! I would highly recommend her!!!
Dominique Ovalle - Artist
Gloria has excellent interpersonal and communication skills, which meant that she guided me through different poses with fluidity and ease, and made me feel comfortable. Her natural presence as an artist and visionary gave me strong confidence that my portrait would turn out great. I am extremely pleased with Gloria's work, and I had a lot of fun during the shoot. Thank you Gloria!
Melissa Currie-White - Student
This was my first photoshoot in well over a decade. 
I felt so comfortable with this photographer. She is very catering to the needs of her clients and makes them feel at home. She is very friendly, has an incredible, unique vision that is conveyed throughout her work. You can't go wrong with choosing to do business with Gloria Plascencia; upscale photography at its finest.